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Our technology, a geophysical focusing tool, enables our clients to identify significant hydrocarbon accumulations and to avoid unnecessary exploration costs such as leasehold costs, seismic costs and potential dry hole costs in areas that do not have significant hydrocarbon shows.

  • Successful MicroMagnetic Oil and Gas Exploration Since 1989 (formerly Advanced Micromagnetics Inc.)
  • 50 Million Acres+ on 4 Continents for 43 Leading Oil and Gas Exploration Companies
  • 88% Success Rate in New Field Discoveries
  • Reduces Cost of Exploration by Up to 98% in Most Situations
  • Reduces the Time to Explore Large Areas
  • Integration with Unique Depth Tools Enables 3-Dimensional Interpretation Showing the Prospect Length, Width, Depth, Fluid Type (Oil, Gas or Water), Reservoir Thickness, Reservoir Quality From the Surface
  • Documented Published Track Record in AAPG/SEG Surface Exploration Case Histories, Chapter 7, Successful Application of Micromagnetic Data to Focus Hydrocarbon Exploration, by David Greenlee and James Wolleben


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Carl McCutcheon
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AMM Operating LLC

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